Global Game Jam!

Jan 13, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

DePaul is a Global Game Jam site again this year and registration is now open!

GGJ is a great opportunity to have fun, learn something new, and hang out with our community. Whether you’ve done a game jam before or not, It’s recommended to participate! We’ve had people come to the jam with barely any knowledge of game development, its definitely a good learning experience! We also have an alumni and guest speaker, Brandy Camel, delivering a presentation about her role as a Community Manager at Blizzard!!

How to Participate: 
Go to > click Participate in a Jam > Login or sign up > Fill out your profile and finish. Once you have a GGJ account, clicking on Participate will take you to the site search, where if you just type in “DePaul,” it will appear at the bottom. Click it, then click “Join this Jam site.” Boom! You’re good to go! Contact Allen Turner at or feel free to ask us at for questions. Happy Jamming!



Board Applications Extended to January 31st!

Jan 08, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

If you want to be on board but haven’t gotten a chance to apply yet- now is your chance as we have extended board applications to the end of this month! This is a great opportunity if you want some leadership experience for resumes or want to be more involved in running and planning our events!

  • So what does being on DeFRAG board mean?
    • Help design, plan, and run events
    • Leadership and management experience
  • Who is eligible?
    • Depaul student, enrolled at least half time
    • Freshman through junior (no seniors due to the majority of board are gaduating)
    • All Majors- don’t have to be a CDM student!!
  • IF INTERESTED: Send us an email at
    • Be sure to tell us:
      • What you’d like to contribute to the club
      • What year you’ll be during the next school year
      • What you’d like to see DeFRAG to differently next year
    • Include a head-shot pic of yourself so we can identify you!

Perforce Workshop!

Jan 08, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Our Game Development Subcommittee is hosting a perforce workshop this Friday, January 13th at 12pm in room 503 of  14 East Jackson (the building across from the depaul center). If you’re a game dev student and are sick of using google drive, or just want to learn about how to use version control better come check it out! Depaul classes mostly use perforce too so you can get a headstart for any future game dev/ or programming classes you need to take!

(This workshop is taking place during a weekly open workspace so feel free to come on by at 11am for working on any game dev project and get feedback from your peers!)

Check out the event here
And join the Game Development Subcommittee facebook group here


Multiplay Night!

Jan 02, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Stop by for a relaxing night of multiplayer games this Friday at 5:00pm in room 400 of CDM!

We’ll be wheeling up a bunch of TVs and plugging in games with some comfy couches 🙂

(We will also be switching up the games every couple hours)

Some of the games we will be playing include: Lethal League,Brawlhalla, Quiplash, Mario Kart, Overcooked, N++, and Video Ball!!

Hope to see you there!

RSVP via facebook and orgsync!


Welcome Back/ Winter Quarter Events!

Jan 01, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Hey everyone, We hope you had a relaxing break, and we are excited to see you again this quarter at our upcoming events!

Here is our event schedule for Winter Quarter:

Friday 1/6/17, 5:00PM – 9:00PM, CDM 400 (Multiplay Night)
Friday 1/20/17, 5:00PM – 9:00PM, CDM 924 (Global Game Jam)
Friday 2/3/17, 5:00PM – 9:00PM, CDM 924 (Event TBD)
Friday, 2/17/17, 5:00PM – 9:00PM, CDM 924 (Event TBD)
Friday, 3/10/17, 5:00PM – 9:00PM, CDM 924 (Board Game Night)

*Registration opens for Global Game Jam on Monday,January 9th


DeFRAG Board Applications!

Nov 09, 2016Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Good Afternoon,

Thanks for everyone that attended Geek Til’ Dawn, we wouldn’t be able to do any of the events this quarter without all of your support! And with that being our last event of the quarter, we have some important information to share with you before winter break starts.

As you might of heard at Geek Til’ Dawn, we will be accepting applications for DeFRAG board until early Winter Quarter! If you want to get some Leadership Experience and have a Hand in helping organize and run our events, please sign up! These elections are largely due to the Heavy Seniority of the board ( a large majority will be graduating this year so we are only accepting applications from first to third year students).

    • So what does being on DeFRAG board mean?
      • Help design, plan, and run events
      • Leadership and management experience
    • Who is eligible?
      • Depaul student, enrolled at least half time
      • Freshman through junior
      • All Majors- don’t have to be a CDM student!!
    • IF INTERESTED: Send us an email at
      • Be sure to tell us:
        • What you’d like to contribute to the club
        • What year you’ll be during the next school year
        • What you’d like to see DeFRAG to differently next year
      • Include a head-shot pic of yourself so we can identify you!

APPLICATION ARE DUE BY : January 15th, 2017


Good luck on all of your finals and have a nice winter break!


Geek Til Dawn Registration now OPEN

Nov 01, 2016Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Registration on orgsync is REQUIRED for anyone attending Geek Til Dawn and you can now do so here:

See you there!! 🙂


Geek Til Dawn!!

Nov 01, 2016Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

The end of winter quarter is around the corner!! And that means it’s time for our semi-annual Geek Til Dawn- this time around the theme is Syndicate/Gangster!!

Check in starts at 6pm in the CDM lobby, and be sure to do so by 11pm as that’s when the building closes. Also, be sure to stop in 924 at 8:30 for announcements!

This year the raffle prizes are a Final Fantasy XV PS4 bundle, Mafia III, and a fedora with a flask. This year’s tournament will consist of games such as; Nightfire, Hotline Miami,Monaco, and Star Wars Kinect! We are also having a movie room with some classic gangster movies such as The Godfather trilogy, The Warriors, Kill Bill I & II, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction! As per usual we will have board games all night in 924 as well as video games in the game lab, pizza during the night and dunkin doughnuts in the morning!

*be sure to stop by 924 before 12 as that is when we do the drawing!!

The schedule of events is as follows (There will also be a powerpoint with all this info in 924):

Registration: 6:00-11:59

Announcements: 8:30-9:00

Blizzcon Stream Viewing Room: 7:00-11:00

3DS/Slumber Party Room: 7:00-ALL NIGHT!

League of Legends Tournament: 7:00-12:00

Ongoing Raffle: 8:00-11:59

Weis: 9:00-11:00

Gangster Themed Tournament: 9:00-11:00

Hearthstone Tournament: 11:00-1:00

Raffle Drawing 12:00

Magic Draft: 12:30

Mafia: 1am

Open Forum: 9-10:00

Please keep in mind this is an overnight event and we have a few additional rules that must be followed as a result.

1. Registration is Required. All students must either register at the event or preferably beforehand on OrgSync: (NOTE: this link is unaviable still but I will post another announcment when it becomes available!!)

2. Non Depaul guests are allowed, but only one per student. Guests also must be registered at the main lobby table and must remain with the person who registered them at all times.

3. Everyone must wear the wristbands provided at registration. On the day of the event at the registration desk, each student and guest will be given a color wristband that must remain on them at all times during the event.

4. All students and guests must remain on the 9th, 7th, 5th and 2nd floors. All other floors are strictly off-limits after the building closes at 11.

If anyone is caught in violation of these rules they will be removed from the building. As long as everyone follows these simple rules though, we shouldn’t have any problems.

Hope to see you all there this Friday!!


Board Game Night + Geek Til Dawn Coming Up!

Oct 23, 2016Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Good evening, everyone! I hope you are having a relaxing weekend! Reminder that our usual board game night is happening this Friday, October 28th, 5-9pm  at Depaul CDM Building Room 924  (243 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604). Come on down for a super casual time playing some board games courtesy of the game lab, or feel free to bring your own whether it’s  to play or even to have people playtest!

The event after Board Game Night is Geek Til Dawn with the theme this time around being Syndicate/Gangster themed! The details are still being fleshed out so please stay tuned for finalized information at the end of this week! But for now be sure to save the date (November 4th-5th from 6pm to 7am @ CDM ) and rsvp to the placeholder event on facebook:  . An orgsync event will be rolling out as soon as we have things finalized so stay tuned for that as well as orgsync registration this event is required! So far we can say for sure that we will be raffling a ps4  final fantasy bundle, a copy of mafia III, and will have movies such as Godfather,Reservoir Dogs, Pup Fiction, and Kill Bill!

Have an awesome week and hope to see you all soon! 😉


DeCon/Game Jam

Oct 13, 2016Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Join us this Friday for DeCon- an event where we have industry speakers and alumni in the game development program come give talks and share their knowledge followed by a weekend long game jam! This time we are heading over to Indie City Co-Op since the Depaul buildings close so early. Now you’ll have time to continue working on your games and not have to worry about being kicked out of CDM!

Heres the full schedule:
(Meet in CDM room 924 on Friday for the talks and the jam theme announcement, and Saturday at 6 when the CDM building closes we will be heading over to the Indie City Co-Op )
5-5:30 Pizza
5:30-6 Amir/Jeremy
6-6:30 Chris
6:30-7 Jam Announcements
7-7:30 Nina
7:30-8:30 Patrick Dwyer
8:30-9 Jam Theme and Team Meetup

Saturday Jam
CDM Hours: 8AM-6PM

8 PM meet at Indie City Coop to work overnight with people doing Spooky Game Jam

Sunday Jam
CDM Hours 12PM – 6PM

12-3 Jam
3-4 Make Builds!!!!!!!!!
4-6 Jam End Showcase CDM 924

Hope to see you there!!

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