DeFrag Presents: A Trip In Time

Sep 21, 2017Posted by Sydney Nakamura

Our first event of the school year went over smoothly and everyone seemed to have a good time! Thanks to those folks who came out to it!

We hope to see returning and maybe even some new faces for our second event.

In the confines of CDM, through the labyrinth like halls of its most deepest, darkest basement lied a dusty old machine whose technology was unknown of to this world. Discovered by the members of DeFRAG it was determined that this piece of technology was in fact a Time Machine. Though still humming with power, they made note of its fading crystal powering the machine. It appears there would be only one more use before this machine would be no more… That night they all agreed they would need to make this last charge count, whether it be them going back in time to stop a chatastrophic event, learning of an ancient mystery of the world once believed to be lost, or even save the world from doom. As such, it was decided what its last use would be put for.

To play video games from our childhood.

Come on down to CDM 924 from 6PM to 9PM and enjoy a night of playing the games of our childhoods some of which include: Crash Team Racing, Halo 3, and much more!

There WILL be an after party, more details at the event.

Hope you can make it in time!