THIS FRIDAY- Defrag + HerCDM Afterschool Game Social!!

May 16, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Wahoo!! DeFrag & HerCDM are teaming up to bring you a savory helping of independent games that’ll give ya a real feeling! We’re offering up a mere slice of the awesome games out there that are challenging our medium and giving it more depth, strength, and sincerity.

WHEN: Friday, 6-9PM

Laugh, listen, maybe yell a little, and chat, as we play games and relax in the game lab from 6-9PM this Friday! Feel free to stop by for a few minutes or a few hours. Play somethin’ new, meet someone new. All of the games here heavily emphasize experience over skill or competition, so no worries, no pressure.

FEATURED WORKS (tentative list):

– Radiator 2 – Robert Yang

– Lieve Oma – Florian Veltman

– ALIEN CASENO – Grace Bruxner

– how do you Do It? & Bum Rush – Nina Freeman

– Morning Makeup Madness – Jenny Jiao Hsia

– Orchids to Dusk – Pol Clarissou w/ audio by Marskye

– Little Party – turnfollow

– Oἶκοςpiel – David Kanaga