Geek Til Dawn 19: Friends & Foes! (May 26th-27th)

May 16, 2017Posted by Sydney Nakamura


The end of spring quarter is around the corner!! And that means its time for our semi-annual Geek Til Dawn- this time around the theme is Friends n Foes/ Rivaleries

Check in starts at 6pm in the CDM lobby, and be sure to do so by 11pm as that’s when the building closes. Also, be sure to stop in 924 at 8:30 for announcements!

This year the raffle prizes are a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 (and neon joycon controllers!),Injustice 2, and Super Mario Bros Movie and a Fedora!! This year’s tournament will consist of games such as; super smash bros, Mario and Sonic in the Olympic Games, Overwatch and more! We are also having a movie room with some classic movies such as Train to Busan, Civil War, Fast n Furious, Alien vs Predator! As per usual we will have board games all night in 924 as well as video games in the game lab, pizza during the night and dunkin doughnuts in the morning!

*be sure to stop by 924 before 12 as that is when we do the raffle drawing!!

The schedule of events is as follows (There will also be a powerpoint with all this info in 924 with room information):

Registration: 6:00-11:59

Announcements: 8:30-9:00

GDC Presentation by John Groot: 9:00

IGF Experimental Showcase Room “Video Game Road Show”: 8:00-4:00

3DS/Slumber Party Room: 6:00-ALL NIGHT!

Game Dev Open Workspace: 6:00-ALL NIGHT!

Ongoing Raffle: 8:00-11:59

Weis: 9:00-11:00

Tournament: 7:00-12:00

Hearthstone Tournament: 9:00-12:00

Raffle Drawing 12:00

Magic Draft: 12:30

Overwatch Free-Play 1-3

WitchHunt: 1am

Open Forum: 9-10:00

Please keep in mind this is an overnight event and we have a few additional rules that must be followed as a result.

1. Registration is Required. All students must either register at the event or preferably beforehand on OrgSync

2. Non Depaul guests are allowed, but only one per student. Guests also must be registered at the main lobby table and must remain with the person who registered them at all times.

3. Everyone must wear the wristbands provided at registration. On the day of the event at the registration desk, each student and guest will be given a color wristband that must remain on them at all times during the event.

4. All students and guests must remain on the 9th, 7th, 5th and 2nd floors. All other floors are strictly off-limits after the building closes at 11.

If anyone is caught in violation of these rules they will be removed from the building. As long as everyone follows these simple rules though, we shouldn’t have any problems.

Hope to see you all there on May 26th!