The Game Jam following Decon!

May 04, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Hello Everyone!

After our talks at DeCon on May 5th, we’re going to be kicking off a weekend-long game jam! Come join us for that, it’s gonna be a good one!

Game jams are an excellent opportunity for game developers of all skill levels to hone their craft and strengthen their relationships by Goin’ Nuts to finish a videogame in 48 hours.

If you’re interested and you have an idea of who you’d want to work with at the jam, consult with your team members and fill out this form so we can get your info!

If you’re interested but you don’t quite know who you’d like to work with, and/or you’re willing to make some new friends, fill out this form!

More detailed information is on the attached poster.

See you all there!