Spring Board Applications now Open

Mar 28, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

Hey DeFraggers, we hope you had a nice and relaxing spring break!

We would like to announce that DeFRAG board applications for spring quarter are now open and they are due April 30th!


So what does being on DeFRAG board mean?

  • Help design,plan,and run events
  • Leadership and management experience

Who is eligible?

  • Depaul students, enrolled atleast half time
  • Freshman through junior
  • ALL majors- doesn’t have to be a CDM student!

What do I do if I’m interested?

  • Send us an email to defragboard@gmail.com
    • And be sure to tell us:
      • What you’d like to contribute to the club
      • What year you’ll be during the next school year
      • What you’d like to see DeFRAG do differently next year
      • AND be sure to include a head shot picture of yourself so we can identify you!