Board Applications Extended to January 31st!

Jan 08, 2017Posted by Jacqueline Passehl

If you want to be on board but haven’t gotten a chance to apply yet- now is your chance as we have extended board applications to the end of this month! This is a great opportunity if you want some leadership experience for resumes or want to be more involved in running and planning our events!

  • So what does being on DeFRAG board mean?
    • Help design, plan, and run events
    • Leadership and management experience
  • Who is eligible?
    • Depaul student, enrolled at least half time
    • Freshman through junior (no seniors due to the majority of board are gaduating)
    • All Majors- don’t have to be a CDM student!!
  • IF INTERESTED: Send us an email at
    • Be sure to tell us:
      • What you’d like to contribute to the club
      • What year you’ll be during the next school year
      • What you’d like to see DeFRAG to differently next year
    • Include a head-shot pic of yourself so we can identify you!