Our Constitution

DePaul Fundamental Research in Academic Gaming (DeFRAG)
Constitution of DeFRAG

Ratified: April 30, 2003
First Amendment: April 24, 2009
Second Amendment: June 15, 2015


The name of this organization will be DePaul Fundamental Research in Academic Gaming (DeFRAG).


The purpose of this organization is to provide a social gaming environment for DePaul students, to promote the Computer Games Development program at DePaul, and to foster computer game development for DePaul students.


Membership in DeFRAG is open to all DePaul students and will not be restricted on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, parental status, housing status, source of income, or military status. Students in good standing with the University (2.0 cumulative G.P.A.) are eligible for membership. As a member, students are entitled to the following: approving DeFRAG board position appointments, participating in DeFRAG-sponsored events, and being able to apply for and be considered for a position on the DeFRAG board.


Board members are responsible for the running of the entire DeFRAG organization and its events/activities. Each board member must take the lead on at least one DeFRAG event during the year. They can assist with or take the lead on more as needed. Board meetings will take place AT LEAST once a month and more than one meeting per month is recommended. Sub-committees and sub-organizations (see sections V and VI) are encouraged but not required to meet outside of board meetings.

Board members MUST be enrolled students at DePaul University for the entire year they are on board. If they will not be enrolled students for the entire year, they will be disregarded for elections.


In spring quarter of every year, nine potential board members will be proposed by the executive board, finalized by the current board, and approved by the general membership. Members interested in becoming a board member must meet the following academic requirement: 2.5 cumulative G.P.A. If any appointed member is not approved by the general membership, then another candidate will be brought forward by the current board. If a suitable candidate cannot be found, the board will function with as many members as approved. At any point during the year, the DeFRAG board can add extra board members with a 2/3 majority vote of the current board. At any point during the year, the DeFRAG board can nominate general member to be put on board. Each potential board nominee must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the current board.


Before the proposal of new board members during spring quarter, the board will elect four officers from the existing board. Each candidate must be nominated by another board member and seconded. Self-nominations will be disregarded. Nominated members must accept or decline the nomination at the time of the nomination. Before the vote, board members under consideration for officer positions will be required to leave the room. At this time, the other members of board will discuss the candidates and cast their votes. In the event of a tie vote, the faculty advisor will cast the deciding vote.

Officers oversee the running of every DeFRAG event. Officers can take the lead on a DeFRAG event if they so choose. Each executive board member has roles as defined below.


  • Preside over all meetings
  • Represent organization on campus and within the Office of Student Life
  • Ensure that the organization is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by the Office of Student Life
  • Maintain communication with faculty advisor
  • Maintain communication with DeFRAG members
  • Have an active role in all DeFRAG-sponsored events

Vice President

  • Preside over meetings in the absence of the president
  • The Vice President will propose a goal statement at the beginning of the academic year that details his or her personal goal that he or she intends to achieve during the year to improve DeFRAG. This goal statement should be outlined at the first meeting of the academic year.
  • Share duties with the president
  • Ensure communication with DeFRAG board members
  • Represent organization on campus and within the Office of Student Life


  • The secretary will always be the head of the public relations committee
  • Maintain an accurate record of all organization meetings and post for members
  • Coordinate promotion and publicity of events
  • Responsible for keeping track of an updated list of all current DeFRAG members
  • Correspond when necessary with University administration and other recognized organizations


  • Maintain accurate record of organization transactions
  • Manage organization checking account
  • Solicit additional funding if needed from the Office of Student Life in conjunction with the President (Student Activities Funding – Board)
  • Purchasing rewards/prizes for DeFRAG events

Industry Representative

  • The Industry Ambassador is responsible for insuring that DeFrag hosts academic gaming events each quarter.
  • The Industry Ambassador will insure that DeFrag always maintains a balance of academic and social events.
  • The Industry Ambassador will also assist with DeCon, including maintaining a database of previous DeCon speakers.
  • The Industry Ambassador will be elected after all board members for the academic year have been elected.
  • This position can only be held by a student under the game development program, which includes any major in the CDM School of Computing.
Any board member or officer can be removed from the DeFRAG board at any time. For removal the following actions must be taken:

  1. Contact the faculty advisor with the name of the unsatisfactory board member. Further action will only be taken if three or more members express dissatisfaction with another board member.
  2. An emergency board meeting will be called not including the board member or officer in question. The faculty advisor will notify the board member or officer in question that a meeting about their board status is taking place.
  3. Those dissatisfied with the board member in question must make a case to the rest of the board members at the emergency meeting.
  4. The board will then take a vote on whether or not to remove the board member in question.
  5. A 3/4 vote of the board is required for removal.
  6. The faculty advisor will then notify the board member of officer in question of the decision.

In extreme circumstances such as criminal activity or misappropriation of club funds, the faculty advisor can remove that board member immediately. Such removals will be validated by the board at the next meeting.


  1. Any student elected President can only serve in the position for one year. A new president must be elected each year. A board member may re-run for President after a full academic year has passed after the end of each presidential term. There is a maximum of two one-year, non-consecutive terms for any person as the President.
  2. Should the President be unable to fulfill his/her duties temporarily, the Vice President may assume those duties for a set period of time. Should the President be unable to fulfill these duties and the Vice President unable or unwilling to assume the presidency, the board will hold immediate elections for new officers.
  3. The acceptable amount of time that the President cannot fulfill his/her duties is to be no more than one quarter. Should this amount of time or the set amount of time pass, the Vice President will assume the presidency and appoint a Vice President, which will require board approval.
  4. In the case of a President needing to step down before the completion of their term, the vice-president will fulfill the role of the President. If the Vice-President becomes the President during the first week of Winter quarter, his or her term will be considered a full yearlong, and they will not be eligible to run for the presidency for the following academic year.


There will be two standing committees in DeFRAG. They are as follows:

Game Development Committee
  • Responsible for promoting game development activities within DeFRAG.
  • Responsible for establishing relationships with video game development industry professionals.
  • Responsible for running game development competitions and co-ops.
  • Be available to assist in game development projects proposed by DeFRAG members.
Public Relations Committee
  • Responsible for promoting the club through the web site, forum, and other options.
  • Responsible for distributing all club information and announcements.
  • Work with companies for sponsorship of DeFRAG events.


DeFRAG members are encouraged to bring any proposals for a sub-organization within DeFRAG to the board. If the board passes the proposal with a 2/3 vote, the sub-organization will send a liaison to the next board meeting to discuss details of the sub-organization.

Becoming a DeFRAG sub-organization is both a large responsibility and a commitment. To become one, a sub-organization must meet the following requirements and have them outlined in their proposal:

  1. Each sub-organization must be made up of at least six individuals dedicated to the same purpose. This purpose must be laid out clearly in the proposal.
  2. A sub-organization’s purpose must NOT conflict with the purpose laid out by DeFRAG in section II of this document
  3. Each sub-organization must act as a part of DeFRAG and recognize that they are part of a larger organization.
  4. A sub-organization must conform to all guidelines laid out in this document concerning discrimination and the policies of DePaul University
  5. Each sub-organization must appoint one member to be a liaison to DeFRAG’s board. DeFRAG reserves the right to remove this liaison in accordance with the procedure for removal from DeFRAG board (see section IV.3). At this time, DeFRAG may request a new liaison from the sub-organization.
  6. A sub-organization’s events must not conflict with DeFRAG events. It is the responsibility of the sub-organization to find out when these events will be.

DeFRAG sub-organizations will have the following privileges granted by DeFRAG:

  • Use of the DeFRAG name
  • Promotion on DeFRAG web site
  • Use of DeFRAG resources
  • including but not limited to funding approved by the DeFRAG board, use of DeFRAG game servers, use of the mailing list, and other DeFRAG promotional materials
  • Organization assistance and advice from the board and faculty advisor
  • DeFRAG will handle all administrative requirements laid out by the Student Activity Board
  • The liaison can attend any DeFRAG board meetings as a non-voting board member, and is required to attend any board meetings when requested by the board

Each sub-organization is subject to removal at the discretion of the DeFRAG board. At any time, a board member can propose and make a case for removal of a sub-organization. The decision will be put to a vote at the next board meeting, where the liaison and any supporting members of the sub-organization will be invited to appeal. If 3/4 of the board votes for removal, then the sub-organization will no longer be classified as a DeFRAG sub-organization.

Any amendments or appeals to amendments proposed should be reviewed and voted upon by all active members of DeFRAG.

  1. Any DeFRAG board member has the authority to propose an amendment to this document
  2. Proposed amendments will require a majority vote of the DeFRAG board to go to a general membership vote
  3. All amendments to this constitution require a 2/3 decision of voting DeFRAG members to be passed.