DeFRAG is a group dedicated to the appreciation and development of video games.
We welcome gamers of all types, from casual to hardcore, developers to enthusiasts.

DeFRAG does not charge membership fees, attendance to events is optional,
and there are no other requirements to join (other than decent academic standing).

DeFRAG Members are offered the following perks:

  • Voting rights in the club
  • Registration on DeFRAG Mailing List
  • Advanced information for upcoming tournaments and events
  • An expansive network of fellow gamers and developers
  • Opportunities to further your academic career in game development

Be an active DeFRAG member by:

  • Helping setup and staff tournaments and events
  • Joining the mailing list on the homepage
  • Offering suggestions on how to improve the club
  • Joining a game development team and offer your talents
  • Joining the club on OrgSync
  • Join us on FaceBook

Joining DeFRAG is NOT a requirement to use the game labs.