DeFRAG stands for “DePaul’s Fundamental Research in Academic Gaming” and is one of the largest social student organizations on DePaul’s campus. Our mission is to provide events and resources in gaming for entertainment and education to the students and friends of DePaul University. Whether you spend every free second of your day programming, your favorite activity is beveling the edges of 3D objects, you enjoy a good game of Guitar Hero, your full time job is in World of Warcraft, or you occasionally waste time playing Minesweeper, there is a place for you at DeFRAG.

We throw a wide variety of events each quarter in order to educate about game development, inspire competition in gaming, or just to have a good time with other students.

Types of Events we have run in the past:

  • DeCon Game Jam: Kicking off with an evening of industry talks then continuing into a weekend long game jam, we host DeCon in the Fall and Spring quarters.
  • Multiplay Night: Just as it sounds! We bring a bunch of multiplayer games to fill up 924 and play ’em all together!
  • Geek Till Dawn: Why go home when the CDM building closes? We keep the building open all night, and the games and movies are rolling until the sun comes back up.
  • Video Game Jeopardy and Board Game Night: Try out your video game knowledge and enjoy a game of Munchkin or two.