February DeFRAG Events

Feb 06, 2015Posted by Alex Devine

Hello all, just a quick update with what’s going on in DeFRAG for the month of February.


Our next event is a joint charity fundraiser with DemonThon on February 20th from 3 to 9pm. We will be hosting a fundraising event in support of Extra Life, which is a gaming charity that supports Children’s Miracle Network hospitals across the country, including the Lurie Children’s hospital here in Chicago! Both 924 and the game lab will be chock full of tournaments, board games, pizza and pop, and a raffle for an XBox One + Sunset Overdrive!
There will be a $10 admission price as well as an entry fee for the tournaments, but remember that 100% of the profits will be going to charity. So do it for the children!

UPDATE: Check out our Facebook event for the Extra Life fundraiser event HERE)


Also, at the end of the month is our first-ever Pokemon Gym Leader Challenge event! So get out your 3DSes, boot up your Pokemon X/Y/OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire game, and start training now to take on the Gym Leaders of DeFRAG! This event will be on February 27th from 5 to 9pm in room 924 of CDM. Prizes and a Facebook event are in the works, but the rules for the event have already been posted here.

UPDATE: Check out our Facebook event for the Pokemon Gym Leader Challenge HERE, and vote on which prizes will be given to the Elite Four and given as raffle prizes!


DeFrag AfterParty: First of the Year

Feb 05, 2015Posted by Evan Holloway



Join us as we kick off the mark of another AfterParty with talks of Windows 10, Evolve, Amiibos, pre-purchasing and more!



Smash 4 Tournament

Jan 25, 2015Posted by Alex Devine

The name says it all: this is THE Super Smash Bros. tournament you’ve all been waiting for since the game came out on 3DS. Put your skills to the test and settle it in Smash!

We will be providing standard GameCube controllers for all stations at the event, but if you have your favorite lucky GameCube controller then bring it along. However, we will be allowing only the use GameCube controllers for all participants.

We’re also raffling off a pool of rare and hard to find amiibos as well!

Pizza, pop, and registration will start at 5pm, and registration will end at 5:30pm, so don’t be late!


Welcome 2015 + Multiplay Night

Jan 05, 2015Posted by Alex Devine

Hello all, hope you had a happy holiday break and are ready for a new quarter!

Here’s our full schedule of events for Winter Quarter. All will be in room 924 of the CDM building, and are from 5pm to 9pm and will have pizza and pop unless otherwise specified.

January 9th: Multi Play night – 4th floor lab
January 23rd-25th: Global Game Jam, 6pm start on the 23rd, noon finish on the 25th
January 30th: Smash tournament
February 20th: Extra Life fundraiser
February 27th: Pokemon Gym Challenge event
March 13th: Board Game night, no pizza :(


Speaking of Multiplay night:

Our first event of 2015 is a simple one: come play a ton of awesome local multiplayer games!
We’ll be kicking off the quarter this Friday at 5pm in room 400 of CDM!

We’ll be wheeling up a bunch of TVs and plugging in a ton of games: consoles, laptops, handhelds, anything and everything multiplayer will be there.


Winter Break Board Game Night

Dec 01, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

Come on over to CDM this Friday, December 5th, for a friendly night of casual board games! We’ll have board and card games of all kinds from the Game Lab’s collection of tabletop games. Anything from Magic: The Gathering and Cards Against Humanity to Settlers of Catan and Scotland Yard to fan favorites like UNO and The Resistance will be there, and if you have board games of your own, bring them along too!

If you like your games on a table rather than a monitor, or just want to try something new, then join us this Friday night at the CDM building, room 924 at 5:00pm!

Note from the author: Friday is Alex Devine’s 23rd birthday. I’m old and am OK with being older :)


Geek Til Dawn 14: Kung Fu DeFRAG!

Nov 09, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

It’s our biggest event of the quarter, Geek Til Dawn is this Friday! This quarter’s festivities include, but are not limited to:

  • A WiiU + SuperSmash + GameCube controller bundle raffle!
  • Magic The Gathering draft at midnight courtesy of MTGCardMarket!
  • Ninja and Witch Hunt rooms all night!
  • Anime and Kung-Fu movie rooms all night!
  • TF2, The Ship, and local multiplayer rooms!
  • Board games and Streetpasses for days in 924!
  • PC and console games all night in 536!
  • And Dunkin’ Donuts at 7am for those who stay all night!

You won’t want to miss it! Registration starts in the lobby at 6pm, and the event will kick off with announcements and pizza in 924 at 8pm.

Do RSVP for the event on our Facebook and OrgSync pages as well. Part of our agreement with DePaul and CDM security is that we keep track of all attendees and guests via OrgSync, and RSVPing now will save you time registering at the event.

Can’t wait to see you there, it’s gonna be a BLAST!


DeFrag Afterparty: Ep. 3

Nov 03, 2014Posted by Evan Holloway



Join us in this weeks episode of the DeFrag Afterparty. This week we discuss the ever popular issue of Gamergate as well as some news on the lighter side of the gaming community. Tune in!
****The opinions presented in the DeFrag Afterparty do not reflect the opinion of DePaul or the DeFrag organization. DeFrag nor DePaul condones hazing. No one was harmed during the taping of this podcast.****

Halloween Event

Oct 27, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

We’ve got something special planned for Halloween this year! While you may think that a DeFRAG Halloween-themed event would involve a bunch of scary games like Silent Hill or Amnesia, we’ve got something a bit different planned for you folks.

We’re excited to host our own Hunger Games event, with the DeFRAG twist of being a live-action game rather than a book or a movie, and of course with a little spooky and a LOT of candy sprinkled in as well.
So stop on by 924 for a few hours this Friday at 5pm for some sweet snacks and a great time! Also, we’re finishing up early this week since everyone has places to go that night.

See ya there!



DeFrag Afterparty: Ep 2

Oct 24, 2014Posted by Evan Holloway



Hey DeFragers! Listen in on this weeks DeFrag Afterparty as we discuss Payday and Payday 2, have a hands-on chat about the new PS Vita style, and discuss our horror game experience(s).


Extra Life Gaming Truck + Game Night

Oct 19, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

We’ve got a busier schedule than usual, and a lot to cover this week:

  1. The Fortune Cookie Game Jam was this weekend, and was a huge success. Congratulations to all teams that participated, and especially those that presented their games today! We’ll be posting a .zip file of all of the actual games here as well as on the Facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/693716264052863/), so everyone can check out the games from the event and play them yourselves.
  2. While we do not have an event this week, there are two gaming-related events going on this Friday. The first one is actually at the Lincoln Park Campus, where Extra Life is going to host a Game Truck just off campus from noon to 4pm. Extra Life is a charitable organization that gets gamers together to fundraise for children’s hospitals such as Lurie Children’s Hospital here in Chicago. So stop by the truck, play some console games, and learn about a great organization and gaming for a worthy cause!
  3. The second event this Friday is a Garry’s Mod Game Night. Game Nights are a smaller and more laid-back style of event compared to our main events on Fridays. Stop by the Game Lab at 6pm for a few hours of fun custom games like Prop Hunt, Trouble in Terrorist Town, GMod Murder, and more!
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