Research participant opportunity

Sep 30, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

Here’s another announcement to pass on to you folks,

Dr. Rusch is perfoming a research study with the College of Nursing on exploring “how the design and application areas of videogames aim to capture the experience of players with mental health issues.”

If you are interested in participating or have any additional questions about the study, please contact Doris Rusch at with the subject line “Mental Health Game Study”.


Board Game Night!

Sep 30, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

Come on over to CDM this Friday for a friendly night of casual board games! We’ll have board games of all kinds, from Magic: The Gathering and Cards Against Humanity to Settlers of Catan and Scotland Yard. If you have board games of your own, bring them along too!

Also, we will be hosting a special Q&A session with Ashley Ruhl and Johnny Owens, two former DePaul graduates and DeFRAG members, about their experience in the game development industry with Sledgehammer and Telltale Games. This Q&A will start at 7pm and last about an hour.

If you like your games on a table rather than a monitor, or just want to try something new, then join us this Friday night at the CDM building, room 924 at 5:00pm!


Jeopardy and other social media schtuff

Sep 14, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

First things first: Thanks to everyone who came to our table at the Involvement Fair! Despite DePaul’s attempts to rain on our parade (PUNS!), we had an awesome time and had a TON of people stop by.

Our first event of the year is DeFRAG Jeopardy this Friday at 6pm. Free pizza, free pop, gaming-themed trivia, and a great chance to socialize with DeFRAGers new and old. Make sure to stop by 924 in the CDM building, and check out the details at the Facebook and OrgSync event pages!

Speaking of Facebook and OrgSync, make sure to join our group pages on both websites! It helps you keep up to date with events and other goings-on at DeFRAG, and it helps us get more funding from DePaul for our organization, which means more cool events for you!
DeFRAG Facebook page
DeFRAG OrgSync page

Hope to see you on Friday!


Welcome back!

Sep 10, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

Hello all, hope your quarter has gotten off to a good start so far!

We’ve updated the Fall Quarter event schedule, so get excited for fun events and free pizza! Also, we’ve got a table at the DePaul Involvement Fair on Friday. Stop by the Quad from 1 to 4 pm and get the latest scoop and meet your fellow DeFRAG members.

And of course, the game lab is now open, room 536 in CDM. Hours are 10am to 11pm Mon-Fri, and noon-6 on Saturdays.


Game Lab Looking for New Mods

May 28, 2014Posted by charley

The Game Lab is currently looking to hire several new moderators to begin work in the fall. The moderator is primarily responsible for maintaining order in the lab and managing the rental of equipment. Interested candidates can send inquiries to Molly at You must email this address to receive an application or further details about the position.


DeFRAG Game Show

May 05, 2014Posted by charley

Welcome to the DeFrag Game Show, where everything is made up and the points don’t matter! Join us this Friday for a great night of random team competitions and unexpected events, all in an attempt to prove that you and your team are the greatest DeFrag members of all time.

Teams will be formed on arrival (from 5-5:30), craziness ensues at 5:30pm. Pizza and pop will be provided.

We will also be holding our general elections for the 2014-2015 DeFrag Board, so make sure you attend to check out the great lineup of candidates!

Can’t wait to see everyone there and remember, be ready for anything! We’ll be in room 924!


Geek Til’ Dawn 13

May 04, 2014Posted by charley

Attention members! We’re starting registration for Geek Til’ Dawn today. Before you arrive at Geek Til’ Dawn on May 23rd, we need everyone to register on Orgsync (Follow the link)

We have a “one non-depaul guest per student” rule for this event, given that it is an overnight event. Additonally, we need to provide an accurate number of participants to security before the event, so please sign in and follow the link before the day of the event.



DeFrag Afterparty Episode 5 – Super Game Jam Sucked, Among Other Things

Apr 16, 2014Posted by charley

DeFrag Afterparty Episode 5



In this episode of the DeFRAG Afterparty, Paul, Pierce and Rodolfo talk about RTS games, a bit of Dark Souls, and discuss the implications of the Facebook buyout of the Oculus Rift!

Theme song by RoccoW


Apply to DeFrag Board

Apr 14, 2014Posted by charley

DeFRAG has begun preparing for next school year and we’re looking for people interested in joining board for 2014-2015.

So what does being on DeFRAG Board mean?
- Help to Design, Plan, and Run all DeFRAG events.
- Become part of a great community of Board Members, both current and former.
- Leadership and Management Experience.

What does it take to be on board?
- Attend board meetings. [generally 3-4 times a quarter]
- Attend and help run DeFRAG events.
- Oversee at least one event a year.
- Be a face for the organization.

What do you need to be eligible for DeFrag Board?
- Be a DePaul student, enrolled at least half-time for the entirety of the 2014-2015 school year.
- All class levels including grad students are welcome.
- You don’t have to be a CDM student, all majors can apply.
- Don’t be shy, even if you’re new to DeFrag, we like to see members who want to be more involved.
- And finally, you should love games, whether it’s making them or playing them, and whether they’re on a console, a PC, or a table.

If DeFRAG board sounds like something you would be interested in, send an email WITH A HEADSHOT PICTURE of YOURSELF (we don’t judge, we just want to see if we recognize you from events) to to express your interest.

Be sure to tell us:.
- What you would like to contribute to the organization.
- What year you’ll be during the next school year (sophomore, junior, senior, etc.)
- What kinds of games you play.
- What you’d like to see DeFrag do differently next year.

We will vote on the 2014 – 2015 DeFRAG board during DeFrag Game Show on May 9th.

The deadline for applications is Sunday, April 27th at noon.


Witch Hunt: They’re Coming for Your Brains

Apr 08, 2014Posted by charley

Accuse strangers and kill your friends (Protect your brains?)!

It’s almost time for Witch Hunt and in the spirit of spring it’s going to be a Plants vs Zombies theme. The Zombies, ARE COMING!

We’ll be playing Witch Hunt in DePaul CDM Room 228 on Friday, April 11th at 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Come join us for a fun game night!


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