DeFrag Afterparty: Ep 2

Oct 24, 2014Posted by Evan Holloway



Hey DeFragers! Listen in on this weeks DeFrag Afterparty as we discuss Payday and Payday 2, have a hands-on chat about the new PS Vita style, and discuss our horror game experience(s).


Extra Life Gaming Truck + Game Night

Oct 19, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

We’ve got a busier schedule than usual, and a lot to cover this week:

  1. The Fortune Cookie Game Jam was this weekend, and was a huge success. Congratulations to all teams that participated, and especially those that presented their games today! We’ll be posting a .zip file of all of the actual games here as well as on the Facebook event page (, so everyone can check out the games from the event and play them yourselves.
  2. While we do not have an event this week, there are two gaming-related events going on this Friday. The first one is actually at the Lincoln Park Campus, where Extra Life is going to host a Game Truck just off campus from noon to 4pm. Extra Life is a charitable organization that gets gamers together to fundraise for children’s hospitals such as Lurie Children’s Hospital here in Chicago. So stop by the truck, play some console games, and learn about a great organization and gaming for a worthy cause!
  3. The second event this Friday is a Garry’s Mod Game Night. Game Nights are a smaller and more laid-back style of event compared to our main events on Fridays. Stop by the Game Lab at 6pm for a few hours of fun custom games like Prop Hunt, Trouble in Terrorist Town, GMod Murder, and more!

Defrag Afterparty: Ep. 1

Oct 07, 2014Posted by Alex Devine



In this weeks DeFrag Afterparty we discuss The new Smash game, and the reasoning behind Windows 10, as well as last weeks event, Board Game Night, and the upcoming event, Smash Bros Meetup. Tune in!


DeFrag Afterparty Special Edition: Josh Tsui Interview

Oct 05, 2014Posted by necammarata

DeFrag Afterparty Special Edition: Josh Tsui


Missed the talk by Josh Tsui from RoboModo about his work and the industry? You’re in luck! It’s recorded for you to listen to here!


Super Smash Bros. Meetup!

Oct 04, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

Hello all,
Thanks to everyone who came to Board Game night!

Our next event is a themed meetup night for the release of the newest Super Smash Bros. game for 3DS. But that doesn’t mean we’ll only be playing the newest version, so if you’re a fan of any game in the series, then this event is for you! We’ll have Smash for N64, Melee for GameCube, and Brawl for the Wii, and stations set up in both the game lab and on the 9th floor for your enjoyment. And of course, bring your 3DS if you have one for new game goodness and Streetpassing for days.

We’ll be starting at 5pm as usual, and the event will take place in both the game lab and 924. Pizza and pop will be provided as well in 924!


Research participant opportunity

Sep 30, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

Here’s another announcement to pass on to you folks,

Dr. Rusch is perfoming a research study with the College of Nursing on exploring “how the design and application areas of videogames aim to capture the experience of players with mental health issues.”

If you are interested in participating or have any additional questions about the study, please contact Doris Rusch at with the subject line “Mental Health Game Study”.


Board Game Night!

Sep 30, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

Come on over to CDM this Friday for a friendly night of casual board games! We’ll have board games of all kinds, from Magic: The Gathering and Cards Against Humanity to Settlers of Catan and Scotland Yard. If you have board games of your own, bring them along too!

Also, we will be hosting a special Q&A session with Ashley Ruhl and Johnny Owens, two former DePaul graduates and DeFRAG members, about their experience in the game development industry with Sledgehammer and Telltale Games. This Q&A will start at 7pm and last about an hour.

If you like your games on a table rather than a monitor, or just want to try something new, then join us this Friday night at the CDM building, room 924 at 5:00pm!


Jeopardy and other social media schtuff

Sep 14, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

First things first: Thanks to everyone who came to our table at the Involvement Fair! Despite DePaul’s attempts to rain on our parade (PUNS!), we had an awesome time and had a TON of people stop by.

Our first event of the year is DeFRAG Jeopardy this Friday at 6pm. Free pizza, free pop, gaming-themed trivia, and a great chance to socialize with DeFRAGers new and old. Make sure to stop by 924 in the CDM building, and check out the details at the Facebook and OrgSync event pages!

Speaking of Facebook and OrgSync, make sure to join our group pages on both websites! It helps you keep up to date with events and other goings-on at DeFRAG, and it helps us get more funding from DePaul for our organization, which means more cool events for you!
DeFRAG Facebook page
DeFRAG OrgSync page

Hope to see you on Friday!


Welcome back!

Sep 10, 2014Posted by Alex Devine

Hello all, hope your quarter has gotten off to a good start so far!

We’ve updated the Fall Quarter event schedule, so get excited for fun events and free pizza! Also, we’ve got a table at the DePaul Involvement Fair on Friday. Stop by the Quad from 1 to 4 pm and get the latest scoop and meet your fellow DeFRAG members.

And of course, the game lab is now open, room 536 in CDM. Hours are 10am to 11pm Mon-Fri, and noon-6 on Saturdays.


Game Lab Looking for New Mods

May 28, 2014Posted by charley

The Game Lab is currently looking to hire several new moderators to begin work in the fall. The moderator is primarily responsible for maintaining order in the lab and managing the rental of equipment. Interested candidates can send inquiries to Molly at You must email this address to receive an application or further details about the position.

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